Postcards Purchasing Guide

Postcards Purchasing Guide – Learn More

Election Print Purchasing Guide

Whether you’ve bought postcards before, or not, our purchasing guide answers common questions and lets you know how to best put together your artwork.

Thickness & Dimensions

Our postcards are printed on 14 point stock on 100% recycled FSC certified paper. 14 point stock is the standard thickness, 99% of our postcards and door hangers are printed on 14 point cardstock.

Postcards can be printed in any dimension, even if it’s not listed on the website. The most popular sizes are 5″ by 8″ and 6″ by 9″.

Finish (Matte or Glossy) & Bundling

Matte or Glossy options are both available – there is no difference in cost. Most campaigns opt for a glossy finish.

Bundling & shrink wrapping is available for an additional cost and in some cases can be arranged for free depending on the quantity of your order.

Colour (4/4)

We print postcards full colour double-sided.


Your artwork should ideally be delivered in a PDF with a 0.125″ bleed and crop marks. If you are unsure if your design has bleed, simply e-mail us the artwork and we will advise you. In some cases we can add bleed to a design, in others we need your graphic designer to make the adjustments.

A 5″ x 8″ postcard with bleed is 5.25″ by 8.25″. We print the card a little larger so that when we cut it there is no white edge and the finished product is 5″ x 8″. Since the bleed area is going to be cut, there should be no important graphics or text in that space.

Production Time

Postcards take 1-2 business days to print. The quantity ordered has no effect on production time.

Graphic Design

We can design your campaign material for an additional cost. Please contact us to receive an estimate.


Please refer to the pricing table on the homepage for a list of common dimensions and their prices.

How to Order

To begin an order simply e-mail printing [at]

Please include the dimensions and quantity desired in your e-mail. If you already have the artwork please attach that as well.


We’re happy to answer any questions you or a member of your team might have. Please e-mail questions to printing [at] or give us a call at 289-859-5097